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Lucky dog.. You even dream better than I do..

July 21, 2021 06:07PM
Last night I dreamed for 4 hours that I had a leak in the bathroom.. no, I didn't have to TAKE a leak in the bathroom, the bathroom was leaking.. I never determined if it was before or after flushing.. That could have made a difference in the quality of my dream, which pretty well sucked.. Little bit afraid to go to sleep tonight - what if that damn dream starts right off where it left off this morning..? That would pretty well suck.. oh well, gotta get up early, so at least it won't go on forever..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  john cougar mellencamp

SeattleRam39July 20, 2021 10:56PM

  Not main stream by him but I always liked Minutes To Memories.

Ramgator5July 21, 2021 10:58AM

  Betcha a dollar you won't even know my favorite song by him...

JamesJM14July 21, 2021 11:25AM

  Re: Betcha a dollar you won't even know my favorite song by him...

SeattleRam13July 21, 2021 02:02PM

  Funny thing about that video....

JamesJM9July 21, 2021 03:23PM

  like Cherry Bomb

ferragamo7910July 21, 2021 05:02PM

  When I think Cherry Bomb..

sstrams7July 21, 2021 05:11PM

  I have no idea what you or Todd meant. :) (nm)

JamesJM8July 21, 2021 05:12PM

  I have no idea what he meant..

sstrams5July 21, 2021 05:19PM

  Just to note....

JamesJM12July 21, 2021 05:20PM

  He was ok..

sstrams8July 21, 2021 05:33PM

  yeah, I would agree with that, except...

JamesJM12July 21, 2021 05:40PM

  Mellonhead had accordions and fiddles?

sstrams8July 21, 2021 05:41PM

  The accordion I'm not sure...

JamesJM9July 21, 2021 05:49PM

  I actually programmed an accordion..

sstrams11July 21, 2021 05:43PM

  YOU THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

JamesJM9July 21, 2021 05:46PM

  Well, its in this vein, tho..

sstrams8July 21, 2021 05:53PM

  YOU did this?

JamesJM10July 21, 2021 05:57PM

  In my own mind I did.. Well, these guys are German, and I'm German, so

sstrams9July 21, 2021 06:02PM


JamesJM12July 21, 2021 06:08PM

  I could nevr make fun on an oompah band.. my mom was saved by an oompah band..

sstrams10July 21, 2021 06:18PM

  That story is what makes this board great. (nm)

JamesJM9July 21, 2021 06:32PM

  Re: Just to note....

SeattleRam12July 21, 2021 05:47PM

  So many groups in that category, Seattle...

JamesJM12July 21, 2021 05:50PM

  Yeah I gotta agree with Jimmy..

sstrams10July 21, 2021 05:55PM

  You're a better man than I...

JamesJM11July 21, 2021 05:59PM

  Lucky dog.. You even dream better than I do..

sstrams8July 21, 2021 06:07PM

  A story you don't want to hear...

JamesJM7July 21, 2021 06:11PM

  What REALLY weird is that I get those dreams..

sstrams7July 21, 2021 06:23PM