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Go Royals!

April 26, 2021 12:33PM
Sorry, I know none of you guys care about the Royals, but they are off to their best start (sans 2015) since 2003.

Now, 2003 was a tailspin after the All-Star break, so they can still crash and burn.

The middle of the lineup has to start hitting and a couple starters have to start earning their keep, but this team reminds me a lot of the 2013-2015 teams. Lots of nail biters, a little luck, and shut down bullpen. The defense has been rocky, but I expect that to change.

They're also still without their best prospect and starting SS.

Before the season, predictions were the Royals and Tigers duking it out for last in the AL Central.

Looks like a ticket package is in my future.

  Go Royals!

Drew283942April 26, 2021 12:33PM

  I could get behind the Royals in the AL

21Dog22April 26, 2021 03:32PM

  Yep, makes everything more interesting! nm

Drew283913April 27, 2021 11:21AM

  Born in KC!

ferragamo7915April 26, 2021 06:03PM

  I remember you telling me that

Drew283913April 27, 2021 11:21AM

  I don't like small market teams

waterfield24April 26, 2021 07:23PM

  Interesting take

Drew283924April 27, 2021 11:18AM

  Re: Interesting take

waterfield25April 27, 2021 01:07PM

  I might be the only one.......

21Dog25April 27, 2021 02:44PM

  You are not the only one

waterfield23April 27, 2021 06:09PM

  I caught that

ferragamo7922April 30, 2021 05:53AM

  Re: Interesting take

Drew283923April 27, 2021 06:44PM