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I'm a slow learner....

April 29, 2021 10:11AM
For a year now, or however long mask wearing in stores has been mandated, I never ONCE got out of my car remembering to take my mask... thus having to return to my car to get one. Yup, too dumb to carry one in a pocket.

But I finally realized stores don't want to turn you away SOOO... they all offer masks at the front door.... I'm a slow learner.... but now I don't return to my car for a mask I just ask for a new one.

So how did I finally get 'wise'? I took my wife's car to Walmart recently, parked and forgot to bring a mask so I had to return to the car to get one.... which I tried to do BUT... and even though my wife had dozens of them lying about her car every one, EVERY SINGLE ONE, was covered in 'make-up'. So I went back to the front door of Walmart and polite asked if they had any I could use, even if I had to pay. They happily provided me with a new un-make-up stained mask. - JamesJM

  Number two Covid is in the books

BlueRidgeHorns70April 24, 2021 11:38AM

  I must be a little fuzzy thinking today...

JamesJM33April 24, 2021 01:46PM

  Re: I must be a little fuzzy thinking today...

BlueRidgeHorns36April 24, 2021 04:08PM

  Got my second dose of Pfizer on Tuesday

Drew283930April 29, 2021 09:10AM

  good for you

21Dog17April 29, 2021 09:53AM

  I'm a slow learner....

JamesJM22April 29, 2021 10:11AM

  Funny Mask Story

ramBRO28April 29, 2021 10:50AM

  LOL, sounds like something I'd do....

JamesJM17April 29, 2021 10:57AM