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Thanks.. not digging it...

April 08, 2021 05:29AM
Well, on the surface, at least.. I'm sure there's a bunch of embarrassing stuff I did last week that, thankfully, I don't remember..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  Well............I had to do it

IowaRam65April 06, 2021 04:28PM

  Re: Well............I had to do it

MamaRAMa41April 06, 2021 04:39PM


IowaRam18April 07, 2021 06:02PM

  This is 100% a must buy for me....

JamesJM29April 06, 2021 04:46PM

  I bought it...

JamesJM27April 06, 2021 05:01PM

  Have ya told him about it

IowaRam20April 07, 2021 11:28AM

  No, I'm keeping it a secret...

JamesJM18April 07, 2021 12:26PM

  Always wanted one.. never got one...

sstrams31April 06, 2021 05:14PM

  I regret missing the Snake River attempt...

JamesJM25April 06, 2021 06:09PM

  That event was so disappointing..

sstrams19April 07, 2021 03:14AM

  I remember watching it on TV

IowaRam23April 07, 2021 11:37AM

  Speaking of over hyped let downs

IowaRam24April 07, 2021 11:47AM

  Yes, it was... but....

JamesJM22April 07, 2021 12:27PM

  I think it was pay per view..

sstrams22April 07, 2021 01:56PM


JamesJM20April 07, 2021 02:05PM

  Yeah, pretty much the same here..

sstrams22April 07, 2021 02:35PM

  Re: I think it was pay per view..

21Dog17April 08, 2021 05:26AM

  That would make sense..

sstrams16April 08, 2021 05:27AM

  Re: That would make sense..

21Dog16April 08, 2021 05:28AM

  Thanks.. not digging it...

sstrams17April 08, 2021 05:29AM