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Left side, right side, back side, front side...

January 08, 2021 02:01PM
that used to be my sleep rotation - but these days it's left side to right side repeat and repeat about 40-50 times per night.

I got a weighted blanket for Christmas... (don't ask me why)... which is supposed to solve many sleep problems... it didn't. I don't mind it, it just didn't change anything for me except it IS very warm.

The only absolute 'must' for me when it comes to sleep is leg separation when I'm on my side, which I always am... I use a body pillow. During my backpacking days this was a huge issue... I'd fold my coat and use that but it wasn't quite big enough. My backpack itself I couldn't get into my sleeping bag. I actually started carrying a large body pillow CASE that I would stuff with leaves, mostly pine needles, and that worked pretty well but wasn't all that comfortable.

  Wife and I just ordered a mattress wedge? Anyone else use them?

Ramgator60January 07, 2021 05:33PM

  I thought about it..

sstrams19January 08, 2021 05:35AM

  Yes , and No

IowaRam24January 08, 2021 12:44PM

  Ah, but sleeping on your left side is supposedly..

sstrams24January 08, 2021 01:52PM

  Left side, right side, back side, front side...

JamesJM22January 08, 2021 02:01PM

  I'm all over the place. Everywhere except my back.

Ramgator21January 08, 2021 02:18PM

  I cannot sleep on my back...

JamesJM19January 08, 2021 02:51PM

  I love our weighted blanket....

sstrams22January 08, 2021 05:49PM

  About four years ago, my Wife bought a Comforter.

Ramgator13January 13, 2021 05:12PM

  Yeah the weighted blanket..

sstrams9January 13, 2021 05:18PM

  I tried folding back that comforter.

Ramgator11January 13, 2021 05:37PM

  What the hell is a mattress "wedge" ?

waterfield22January 08, 2021 05:42PM

  It's a wedge pad placed under the mattress.

Ramgator20January 09, 2021 05:34AM

  Yes used one the other night

ferragamo7912January 14, 2021 07:18AM