January 05, 2021 07:35AM
Yes, 6 has been traditionally the standard and that is mainly because classic Brit comedy is written by pairs or individuals. I

n the US they tend to have teams of writers which flattens the *edginess* (Imho), but keeps things consistent and allows them to churn out more quantity.

So for example, Monty Python (even though there were 6 or 7 members depending on who you include) always wrote in pairs which kind of explains why it would be up and down. The same goes for Black Adder and Fawlty Towers, whereas another Brit classic, Only Fools and Horses was written by one person.

As for finding when they are on. I'm honestly not sure because I only just moved back here and it's different from 15 years ago when there was little streaming.

I find out from email updates for services I stream to in the same way I do Netflix.

It *appears* that the big comedies are on weekly and then they are on BBC iPlayer or ITV hub (or even Netflix/Amazon depending on who they sell the rights to) afterward to watch at leisure.

For example, Peaky Blinders was shown weekly in the UK and then Netflix was allowed to dump every episode online the day after the last one was shown in the UK.

DVR's are nothing like as common here as in the US because everything is available to stream so there's no need for a hard drive.

Something I noticed and had forgotten when I moved to the US, is that the UK is a considerable way in front technically speaking with things like TV, banking, and online trading.

My hunch is that the US holds back technology for profit reasons because I cannot think of any other reason because no way is the US lagging in tech expertise.

FWIW, my mum and day loved Last of the Summer Wine but I hated it with a passion even though it's set about 30 miles or so away from where I was born.

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  Whos has seen this (on the back of Ferragamo's post)?

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  Hey UK , question about British TV shows Attachments

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  In terms of length of series

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