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EXACTLY what I just had for dinner!

January 02, 2021 02:45PM
And Spinach (AHHHHH GU GU GU) Funny that when I was small and would not eat anything, I loved Spinach.

  Gonna try Milk Thistle.

Ramgator40January 02, 2021 11:44AM

  Is that a dairy substitute?

JamesJM14January 02, 2021 12:50PM

  I think it's actually some sort of plant.

Ramgator16January 02, 2021 01:34PM

  Yes, it's a plant... but how is it administered?

JamesJM16January 02, 2021 01:39PM

  Mine is gel tablets but I believe it is also in liquid form. nm

Ramgator15January 02, 2021 02:46PM

  This time last year, I took ZERO pills.

Ramgator17January 02, 2021 01:37PM

  OR!!!! I could buy....

Ramgator15January 02, 2021 01:38PM

  I got my good cholesterol back up with Salmon...

JamesJM19January 02, 2021 01:43PM

  EXACTLY what I just had for dinner!

Ramgator12January 02, 2021 02:45PM

  eliminate processed food, and fast food

ferragamo7922January 02, 2021 02:34PM


Ramgator16January 02, 2021 02:45PM

  Re: Gonna try Milk Thistle.

waterfield21January 02, 2021 02:59PM

  Pancreatic cancer scares the hell outta me. It took out my Step Dad almost 2 years ago.

Ramgator21January 02, 2021 03:56PM