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Living history

November 20, 2020 08:31AM
In ten years there will only be a hand full left.

Have been fortunate in my life to have had conversations with people who lived through some of the most iconic points in history.

In my life I have met a Titanic survivor, WW 1 vet and a couple of WW 2 vets that served in the Germany Army. While I'm too young to have ever met a Civil War vet my great uncle was born in 1875 and died in 1980, He had a great story about the time the James Gang slept in his family barn. He was born during the civil war reconstruction and lived long enough to watch men land on the moon.

  325,000 American WWII Vets still living....

JamesJM25November 20, 2020 08:06AM

  Living history

SeattleRam13November 20, 2020 08:31AM

  Great reply...

JamesJM10November 20, 2020 08:40AM

  Your last sentence made me think of my Great Grandmother.

Ramgator13November 21, 2020 12:57PM

  Re: 325,000 American WWII Vets still living.... Attachments

waterfield13November 20, 2020 09:10AM

  When the last Vet or even citizen of the WWII Generation passes....

Ramgator14November 20, 2020 09:54AM

  All of them.. all Vets...

JamesJM11November 20, 2020 10:33AM

  Re: All of them.. all Vets...

waterfield13November 20, 2020 10:52AM

  And the sad thing for many of today's youth.......

Ramgator12November 21, 2020 11:38AM