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Very true....

October 10, 2020 05:13AM
As of this morning, nearly 24 hours after the first shooting, we still have heard nothing. It's very strange.

Think of it.... a shooting, in a town of 700 maybe 800 people, and then another nearly 2 hours later! After the first shooting one would think the town was smothered with law enforcement so how is it that a second shooting occurred.... it would HAVE to be been within eyesight of the law enforcement investigating the 1st shooting!

Something ain't right. I'm always skeptical of any 'hearsay'... and yet, I saw the police helicopters, saw sheriff's racing here and there, (I live about a 1 ΒΌ miles out of town, about 1.5 miles from one of the shootings).

Even more odd... the lack of speculation on social media... there isn't any, none at all.

  Shootings, it's getting more than scary here.....

JamesJM72October 09, 2020 11:40AM

  My God, another one just a few minutes ago...

JamesJM25October 09, 2020 11:54AM

  I've got that beat... Attachments

sstrams33October 09, 2020 12:43PM


SeattleRam16October 09, 2020 03:49PM

  On the news they said this has been happening..

sstrams25October 09, 2020 06:04PM

  Ever notice....

SeattleRam23October 09, 2020 03:52PM

  What always shocks me...

sstrams25October 09, 2020 06:06PM

  Re: What always shocks me...

Aries19October 10, 2020 04:36AM

  See what I mean?

sstrams17October 10, 2020 05:48AM

  Don't Worry

ScRAM19October 10, 2020 08:42AM

  Re: Don't Worry

Aries14October 10, 2020 05:32PM

  We're baffled here in my home town.. not a word...

JamesJM16October 09, 2020 06:01PM

  I remember some time ago. . . .

RAMbeau32October 10, 2020 04:52AM

  Very true....

JamesJM18October 10, 2020 05:13AM