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On the news they said this has been happening..

October 09, 2020 06:04PM
a lot across the country - but I haven't heard of it happening anywhere.. My neighbors just said the mail truck exploded, so my guess is either there's a defect in the trucks or somebody is blowing them up.. I'll let you know when I hear more...

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  Shootings, it's getting more than scary here.....

JamesJM67October 09, 2020 11:40AM

  My God, another one just a few minutes ago...

JamesJM22October 09, 2020 11:54AM

  I've got that beat... Attachments

sstrams27October 09, 2020 12:43PM


SeattleRam15October 09, 2020 03:49PM

  On the news they said this has been happening..

sstrams20October 09, 2020 06:04PM

  Ever notice....

SeattleRam21October 09, 2020 03:52PM

  What always shocks me...

sstrams19October 09, 2020 06:06PM

  Re: What always shocks me...

Aries17October 10, 2020 04:36AM

  See what I mean?

sstrams14October 10, 2020 05:48AM

  Don't Worry

ScRAM17October 10, 2020 08:42AM

  Re: Don't Worry

Aries14October 10, 2020 05:32PM

  We're baffled here in my home town.. not a word...

JamesJM15October 09, 2020 06:01PM

  I remember some time ago. . . .

RAMbeau26October 10, 2020 04:52AM

  Very true....

JamesJM17October 10, 2020 05:13AM