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Wow, I remember that....

February 09, 2020 08:36AM
had forgotten about it but yeah... saw it.

Something about being the 'fastest'...it's darn near slam dunk proof that you're stronger, better in every way, morally superior, better looking, get more women (or men), win bragging right for life. laughing smiley

  Robert Conrad , has past away , he was 84

IowaRam90February 08, 2020 02:29PM

  Re: Robert Conrad , has past away , he was 84

SeattleRam62February 08, 2020 03:22PM

  I always think Baa Baa Black Sheep.....great show

ferragamo7951February 09, 2020 06:37AM

  and don't forget the battery commercial

ferragamo7960February 09, 2020 06:41AM

  OK..BE HONEST! You kids of the 70s.....

Ramgator57February 09, 2020 08:02AM

  when I read that he died that commercial.....

21Dog38February 09, 2020 09:58AM

  LOOOOVED Baa Baa Black Sheep!! Attachments

Ramgator36February 09, 2020 06:40AM

  Remember the Battle Of The Network Stars??

Ramgator52February 09, 2020 06:45AM

  here is the video from that race

ferragamo7946February 09, 2020 08:32AM

  Wow, I remember that....

JamesJM59February 09, 2020 08:36AM

  I miss that show

IowaRam58February 10, 2020 12:10PM