January 07, 2020 03:19AM
Again...It had obvious flaws but overall a pretty good movie. MUCH more was done right than wrong.

  I actually saw Midway again yesterday.

Ramgator186November 26, 2019 03:04PM

  I have not been able to get anyone to go with me..

JamesJM86November 29, 2019 09:10AM

  Yeah. Just go!

Ramgator89November 29, 2019 03:50PM

  Call me crazy. Saw Midway AGAIN today. #3! LOL

Ramgator77December 02, 2019 05:49PM

  Might as well..

sstrams74December 03, 2019 02:33AM

  I've seen it once... so far...

RAMbler70December 03, 2019 01:15PM

  Barbara and I saw it tonight

waterfield63December 07, 2019 07:46PM

  Sweet... you'll dig Ferrari, as well..

sstrams56December 08, 2019 06:28AM

  I'm holding out for a MUCH bigger car epic.

Ramgator52December 08, 2019 07:24AM

  Which is a documentary about..

sstrams68December 08, 2019 09:49AM

  Midway on BluRay , February 18,

IowaRam47January 06, 2020 06:41PM

  COOL! I WILL get it!

Ramgator48January 07, 2020 03:19AM