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Might as well..

December 03, 2019 02:33AM
Shoot, I've seen Jaws 1000 times, but i'll go see it every time they run it in the theater, cuz it always takes me back to the very first time I saw it.. So, go watch that thing 100 times, if you can.. Anywhere in iMax?

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  I actually saw Midway again yesterday.

Ramgator181November 26, 2019 03:04PM

  I have not been able to get anyone to go with me..

JamesJM82November 29, 2019 09:10AM

  Yeah. Just go!

Ramgator85November 29, 2019 03:50PM

  Call me crazy. Saw Midway AGAIN today. #3! LOL

Ramgator72December 02, 2019 05:49PM

  Might as well..

sstrams67December 03, 2019 02:33AM

  I've seen it once... so far...

RAMbler65December 03, 2019 01:15PM

  Barbara and I saw it tonight

waterfield63December 07, 2019 07:46PM

  Sweet... you'll dig Ferrari, as well..

sstrams54December 08, 2019 06:28AM

  I'm holding out for a MUCH bigger car epic.

Ramgator49December 08, 2019 07:24AM

  Which is a documentary about..

sstrams64December 08, 2019 09:49AM

  Midway on BluRay , February 18,

IowaRam46January 06, 2020 06:41PM

  COOL! I WILL get it!

Ramgator46January 07, 2020 03:19AM