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Life in a small town

August 11, 2019 02:40PM
she'd seen it all...................

started out part time when she was in high school , continued after high school , got married , had four kids ,

worked part time on and off while we were all little

then when we all got in school , she went back to full time part time up until Dennis was in High School , then back to full time

started out as a switchboard operator , and party lines , was there when they did the huge update to rotary phones , then the big update from when phone numbers went from 5 numbers to 8

push button phones

then in the 80's they became part of the local TV Cable company , so she saw the brand new coming of cable TV and Satellites

then came dial up internet , and the headache that was , not so much with our local provider , but the main provider and it's unreliability , don't know how many times try to get on line and no dial up modem sound confused smiley

she was there when cell phones started to take over , flip phones with crappy service , wasn't a ton of towers in our area at the time

retired about 10 years ago

they rewired our house here in town a couple years ago , did away with coaxials and old phone lines and put in new fiberoptics

so she's seen it all from switchboard operator to high speed internet


the phone office was right about half way between our house and the school building , so we'd walk by it every day and bang on the windows on the way home.........lol


  Major Verizon outage in AR, TN and OK...

Arkansas Ram121August 10, 2019 08:32AM

  Re: Major Verizon outage in AR, TN and OK...

MamaRAMa82August 10, 2019 09:35AM

  Re: Major Verizon outage in AR, TN and OK...

Arkansas Ram91August 10, 2019 09:44AM

  We dropped ours 2 years ago and......

Ramgator91August 10, 2019 06:02PM

  The reason I still have mine is.....

Arkansas Ram74August 10, 2019 06:18PM

  Re: Major Verizon outage in AR, TN and OK...

IowaRam77August 10, 2019 12:42PM

  remember the rotary dial

ferragamo7949August 11, 2019 02:09PM

  the lecture on phone usage

IowaRam48August 11, 2019 02:50PM

  Re: Major Verizon outage in AR, TN and OK...

RAMbeau85August 10, 2019 04:11PM

  My mom worked for the local phone company

IowaRam79August 10, 2019 04:24PM

  An honorable occupation. . .

RAMbeau84August 11, 2019 10:12AM

  Life in a small town

IowaRam70August 11, 2019 02:40PM

  when I think of operators......

21Dog63August 11, 2019 01:39PM

  We gave our mom so much crap !!!

IowaRam81August 11, 2019 02:42PM

  And Remember "Party Lines".........

Arkansas Ram76August 12, 2019 04:17AM

  we never had one, but knew those that did

21Dog50August 12, 2019 03:42PM

  A long and two shorts...

JamesJM53August 12, 2019 04:39PM

  My pops never got the computer thing either.....

Arkansas Ram54August 13, 2019 04:06AM