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The brilliance of Marvel

May 01, 2019 04:53PM
a couple other things that seperate Marvel from the pack

I'm just gonna list it under marketing , although technically it's probably not

how do you maintain a high level of excitement in between films ?

months can go by in between films

how to strategically , accidently let a rumor that may or may not be true get leaked to the public , you know Marvel has an entire team who do nothing else but monitor internet chatter , and when that chatter starts to slow down and gets to a certain point, well guess what

whoops............ , another rumer accidently gets leaked to the public , like last month , the rumor got out that Angelina Jolie will be staring in the new Eternals movie , and whamo , internet chatter for Marvel movies spikes again

although , now we have Endgame in the theatres , and then in July will have Spider-man , so the chatter will remain high through most of the Summer , but there will come a time in the Fall when the chatter will start to slow down , so what does Marvel do , opps , another rumor just got leaked

Marvel knows exactly when , and how much to accidentally leak to the public to keep the interest up all year long

and the other thing...................

Easter Eggs

all their films are full of Easter eggs ,

I've been reading that just the movie Endgame alone has around a hundred Easter eggs in it

some are easy to find like Stan Lee's cameo , even the general Marvel Movie fan knows Stan Lee is going to be in there somewhere , you just have to look for him

Some Easter eggs are almost impossible to find , even to the most dedicated comic book reader

and then there are several in between

If I even catch 10% of the easter eggs , I consider it pretty good job on my part.....................lol

and alot of those Easter eggs can be kinda tricky

what appears to be a simple little Easter egg . could lead to something big in future movies

and , or...............

what could appear as a large important Easter egg , might go nowhere at all

just the writers having some fun for those fans who actually read the comic books

even those fans who have watched all 22 films will miss most the Easter eggs , unless they read the comics as well

most of the Easter eggs in these films are for those who read the comics , and will go unnoticed to those who dont

some easter eggs can be simple as maybe the numbers of a street address , or a last name on a piece of paper , or a name on the side of a moving van that is only on screen for a half a second , some people will figure what the name on the side of that van refers to , but most will never notice

so here's my point , how do you keep fan interest high with Easter eggs , even months after to movie has come and gone from the theater


here's just one , small , 2 second Easter egg , most people will never notice

There is one scene in Endgame , it's one of those small scenes thats just a part of another small scene

takes place in the first part of the movie where Black Widow is talking to Okoye from Wikanda , and Okoyo mentions that there had been some Earthquake activity under the oceans floor

that entire scene last like maybe two seconds , of a three hour film

so I'll ask you , or anyone else who reads this , what is the significant of that two second scene

the general movie goer , and even those who have seen all 22 movies , probably won't give it a second thought , considering when that scene takes place during the movie


for those who do read the comics , they'll be talking about that 2 second scene for the next year.....................lol

Marvel knows how to keep people talking about thier movies long after the movie has left the theater, with out hardly doing a thing

and that was just one easter egg I mentioned , the movie was full of them , Marvel fans will have plenty to talk about till the next movie comes out



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zn86March 23, 2019 12:43PM

  good a place as any...............lol

IowaRam57March 23, 2019 03:59PM

  The Black Widow solo movie just got a whole lot more interesting

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  I evidently only like Marvel movies now

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IowaRam100March 28, 2019 09:01AM

  Re: Angelina Jolie set to join the MCU

MamaRAMa65March 28, 2019 09:10AM

  I'm not the biggest Angelina Jolie fan

IowaRam58March 28, 2019 12:57PM

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IowaRam64March 28, 2019 09:46AM

  Re: I didnt love Captain Marvel

Speed_Kills104March 30, 2019 05:14AM

  I wasn't disappointed

IowaRam60March 30, 2019 03:14PM

  Re: Yeah for me

Speed_Kills60March 31, 2019 04:01AM

  Re: Yeah for me

zn63March 31, 2019 04:57AM

  Fantastic Four...

Atlantic Ram61March 31, 2019 09:16AM

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IowaRam113March 31, 2019 03:23PM

  Thank you for the info!

Atlantic Ram56April 03, 2019 05:49PM

  WB has pretty much admitted the the DCEU is dead

IowaRam95March 31, 2019 02:38PM

  Re: not dead

Speed_Kills54April 02, 2019 07:56AM

  Just watched and LOVED

Atlantic Ram77April 11, 2019 02:26PM

  Re: Just watched and LOVED

IowaRam58April 11, 2019 02:48PM

  trailer: superhero flick turned upside down

zn56March 30, 2019 11:34AM

  early reactions in, reviews start tomorrow

zn49April 22, 2019 10:39PM

  and now the reviews are in

zn78April 23, 2019 03:52PM

  Greatest movie going experience of a lifetime

IowaRam51April 23, 2019 04:17PM

  masterfully done

LMU9345April 29, 2019 04:54AM

  It was really, really good

Atlantic Ram46May 07, 2019 06:13PM

  Yes, I'm an idiot.... I need explanation...

JamesJM48April 29, 2019 11:18AM

  I thought about this question for a couple minutes

IowaRam54April 29, 2019 02:13PM

  To answer your other question

IowaRam42April 29, 2019 02:33PM

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IowaRam49April 29, 2019 02:53PM

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JamesJM38April 29, 2019 04:21PM

  Have you watched Captain America : Winter Soldier yet ?

IowaRam41April 29, 2019 04:57PM

  No, but I saw the other two...

JamesJM40April 29, 2019 04:59PM

  Re: No, but I saw the other two...

zn42May 01, 2019 06:14PM

  I liked the first one the best.

Atlantic Ram43May 07, 2019 06:47PM

  I saw it Saturday (spoiler)

Speed_Kills72April 29, 2019 06:08PM

  Yea , same here

IowaRam62April 30, 2019 05:55AM

  Marvels next 5 films.................probably

IowaRam53April 30, 2019 08:27AM

  The brilliance of Marvel

IowaRam42May 01, 2019 04:53PM

  Re: Avengers Endgame Trailer

zn48May 04, 2019 07:13PM

  I think we'll all look that way tomorrow

IowaRam55May 05, 2019 08:45AM

  Been to see it twice!

Atlantic Ram39May 15, 2019 05:56PM

  Seen it twice as well

IowaRam35May 18, 2019 05:05AM

  Meet your new Batman

IowaRam39May 16, 2019 06:46PM

  Next 8 MCU movies................probably

IowaRam37May 18, 2019 04:59AM

  Going to save some money!

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IowaRam47May 18, 2019 12:27PM

  None of the movies have gotten Peter Parker right

IowaRam57May 18, 2019 12:55PM