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My 'Finding Dory' review...

July 23, 2016 11:40AM
This is the type of review I really do not like doing. This movie is well made, voice acting (as usual) excellent. I was bored to death.

Who knows? Maybe I was just tired, grumpy, and I wouldn't have liked any movie. Could be.

First let me say: I really liked "Finding Nemo" a lot... and I thought Ellen was absolutely brilliant. One of the best animated characters ever created and 'acted'.

In "Finding Dory" Ellen is once again brilliant... the problem is, IMHO, she was given a very poor script.

In almost every one of the newer 'animated' movies I have seen, even if I didn't care for it that much, at least one character jumped out at me and grabbed my heart. Not so in 'Finding Dory'. I saw it yesterday and I can't really think of any of the characters, or much about the movie other than the 'main plot'.

There were a few scenes, of course, where I giggled.. or thought a 'line' quite witty, but overall it was tedious to me. There is an 'Octopus' in the movie whose character I just couldn't get into. I could see what the makers of the film 'wanted' me to think, and feel... but it just didn't happen. The Octopus was just boring to me and unfortunately he is a "major" character.

Perhaps some spoilers coming up:

I got so bored, in fact, that I began coming up with my own script while watching this movie... or rather, 'mind puzzle'. Instead of following the story I began trying to figure out how the characters, (fish, or sea creatures), were going to navigate the above sea level world. They spend a LOT of time out of their element. So how do you get them inside buildings, and cars, and trucks, and navigating all the attractions in "SeaWorld"? THEIR solutions ranged from rather boring to quite brilliant... one of the 'methods of transportation' between tubs of water I thought the hilight of the movie, in fact.

My grandkids loved it. So Kudo's for that.

I LOVE the new, (quickly growing old), animated movies... fact is - they are about the only movies being produced these days that I'll go to a theater to see. The rest I wait for to come out on Netflix, or DVD, and even then I see few. My favorite, actually, may be the first one that I think got this whole 'genre' going, (or gave it new life)... "The Lion King". Sorry to say that on my long, growing very long, list of favorite animated films "Finding Dory" is very near the bottom.... and it's 'rating' is actually quite high... which means:

Don't listen to me. - JamesJM

  My 'Finding Dory' review...

JamesJM819July 23, 2016 11:40AM

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sstrams660July 23, 2016 11:52AM

  On the way to see 'Dory'...

JamesJM440July 23, 2016 12:15PM

  Re: Secret Life of Pets...

MamaRAMa596July 23, 2016 01:50PM

  I couldn't tell..

sstrams440July 23, 2016 06:21PM

  I heard BFG was good

Atlantic Ram455July 24, 2016 07:23PM

  I think Zootopia is out on Netflix...

JamesJM600July 24, 2016 09:02PM

  I saw the Jungle Book

Atlantic Ram462July 24, 2016 10:45PM

  OK, I saw SLOP....today..

JamesJM414July 31, 2016 08:13PM

  Oh, I am sure I am in for multiple viewings, lol

Atlantic Ram446August 04, 2016 12:24AM

  Hey James , what happened to the speel checker option

IowaRam404August 02, 2016 09:19AM

  I think we could turn it on...

JamesJM407August 02, 2016 09:23AM

  NOT a Finding Nemo fan at all

ferragamo79482August 03, 2016 08:24AM