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WASP guys..

June 09, 2024 12:56PM
Well, Chris Holmes, not the douche Blackie Lawless let us eat backstage.. i remember a huge pot of beans with whole chicken parts in it, like breasts and thighs and stuff..

When we opened for Rail (they won the MTV Basement Tapes competition) they were sponsored by Miller beer and had an 8 foot cooler backstage.. I remember their tour manager telling us "see, help yourselves".. I was somewhat plowed when I hit the stage, but not too much to not do a good job..

Bands like Rail LOVED popular local bands because very few people were familiar with Rail and we had that place so packed you couldn't move a muscle.. way over fire code capacity.. Had Rail been on their own they might have pulled 100 people tops, so they treated us like royalty..

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  SST and Band guys....Concert Touring question.

Ramgator68June 09, 2024 09:53AM

  I'm not qualified to answer that...

JamesJM36June 09, 2024 10:39AM

  I think it depends..

sstrams34June 09, 2024 11:27AM

  I don't really remember but....

JamesJM31June 09, 2024 11:40AM

  WASP guys..

sstrams31June 09, 2024 12:56PM

  Sounds EXACTLY like last night.

Ramgator29June 09, 2024 11:53AM

  usually main act can request

ferragamo7927June 09, 2024 02:12PM