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Sounds EXACTLY like last night.

June 09, 2024 11:53AM
The opening Band was very good. Got the crowd going. But people were still more excited for Currington.

  SST and Band guys....Concert Touring question.

Ramgator68June 09, 2024 09:53AM

  I'm not qualified to answer that...

JamesJM35June 09, 2024 10:39AM

  I think it depends..

sstrams32June 09, 2024 11:27AM

  I don't really remember but....

JamesJM29June 09, 2024 11:40AM

  WASP guys..

sstrams31June 09, 2024 12:56PM

  Sounds EXACTLY like last night.

Ramgator28June 09, 2024 11:53AM

  usually main act can request

ferragamo7927June 09, 2024 02:12PM