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Re: Anyone following the NCAA Basketball Tourny?

April 02, 2024 11:27AM
I'm not a basketball fan and haven't watched a minute of basketball this season. I used to get mildly interested when they got down to the Sweet 16 but this year, basketball just doesn't interest me... not even Caitlin Clark. I'm vaguely aware of what's going on but I don't follow it, watch it, read about it or anything like that. Baseball season just started so I'm into that now. I did, however, make an exception in 2013 and I watched everything from the Sweet 16 to the championship game when Wichita State University (my alma mater) was one of the Final Four. And today, I just happen to be wearing a Final Four t-shirt that I bought in 2005 when the Final Four was hosted in St Louis. I was still working at AT&T downtown then and I remember me and some co-workers leaving our office on afternoon and walking over to The Dome to gawk at all the media, players, thousands of fans who were in town... it was pretty exciting for St. Louis. We stopped and bought some souvenirs which is where I bought the shirt. Final Four that year were: Louisville, Illinois, Michigan State, and North Carolina. I only remember that 'cause it's on my t-shirt!


  Anyone following the NCAA Basketball Tourny?

JamesJM70April 02, 2024 09:56AM

  I assume you mean NCState, yeah I’m watching

canadaram18April 02, 2024 11:03AM

  Re: Anyone following the NCAA Basketball Tourny?

MamaRAMa27April 02, 2024 11:27AM

  You bet I am !!!

IowaRam32April 02, 2024 12:46PM

  The Caitlin Clark affect........

IowaRam25April 02, 2024 03:18PM

  Re: The Caitlin Clark affect........

ScRAM19April 09, 2024 05:46PM

  Re: You bet I am !!!

waterfield22April 02, 2024 09:11PM

  I know exactly why I'm rooting for UCONN

waterfield24April 02, 2024 09:24PM

  Yikes... that didn't occur to me...

JamesJM26April 02, 2024 11:00PM

  It's off to the ship

IowaRam24April 06, 2024 02:13PM

  Thousands watch todays Iowa Hawkeyes practice

IowaRam15April 06, 2024 02:25PM

  How quickly is the media going to......

roman1821April 07, 2024 05:42AM

  I'm curious also

IowaRam15April 07, 2024 07:08AM

  We'll see if Clark can move the needle in the WNBA

IowaRam18April 07, 2024 07:34AM

  Clark and the 1980 Mens Olympic Hockey team

IowaRam15April 07, 2024 08:02AM

  I think Tiger.....

roman1814April 07, 2024 08:25AM

  good example

IowaRam18April 07, 2024 09:19AM

  I don't know

waterfield18April 07, 2024 02:00PM

  Can't say today's final four games surprised me....

JamesJM23April 06, 2024 08:39PM

  Purdue making it to the Championship game surprised me

IowaRam14April 07, 2024 06:25AM

  Re: Can't say today's final four games surprised me....

waterfield15April 07, 2024 02:02PM

  Watched the womens semifinal UConn and Iowa

ferragamo7920April 07, 2024 07:30AM

  SNL Cold opening , March Madness

IowaRam18April 07, 2024 08:20AM

  Well darn

IowaRam14April 08, 2024 01:02PM

  I watched and was rooting for Iowa

ferragamo7912April 09, 2024 05:05PM