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F1 Racing... who has been to one.... live?

February 05, 2024 11:34AM
I've ALWAYS wanted to go to an F1 Race but never have. Came close two years ago but my son couldn't make it.

If you've ever attended an F1 race I'd LOVE to hear what you thought of it.

THIS year... my son is planning to move back to the USA... maybe this summer. But if not - I'm thinking of taking one last trip to England and while there attend the British F1 at Silverstone.

Here's where you come in, Seattle. laughing smiley You watch them all, right? I watch about 6 or 7 of them each year. If you had your choice would you go to England or Italy for an F1 race?

Flights within Britain - Europe are dirt cheap. I could easily go to England then catch a plane to Italy for the race. Monaco would be cool but I'd prefer Italy. - JamesJM

  F1 Racing... who has been to one.... live?

JamesJM99February 05, 2024 11:34AM

  Re: F1 Racing... who has been to one.... live?

SeattleRam23February 05, 2024 03:53PM


JamesJM23February 05, 2024 04:19PM

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