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Coke bugs me to

September 18, 2023 02:56PM
OK , so back in the 80's , they just dropped their regular Coke , and brought out their NEW COKE

which lasted like 90 days , then Coke brought back their regular Coke , so people wouldn't get them confused , they called it Coca Cola Classic , which they kept up until 2009 , then they dropped the classic and started calling the Coca Cola Original Taste

they haven't made NEW COKE in like 30 years , you would think they would just drop the Original Taste from their logo , I think it's been long enough .................lol

just another one of those little things that bother me................lol


  Pepsi's new logo

IowaRam171September 17, 2023 08:48AM

  Re: Pepsi's new logo

SeattleRam122September 17, 2023 09:20AM

  Re: Pepsi's new logo

IowaRam120September 17, 2023 09:44AM

  I can't tell the difference ....

JamesJM382September 17, 2023 10:57AM

  I don't drink soda anymore

ferragamo7977September 17, 2023 03:28PM

  Re: I don't drink soda anymore

MamaRAMa75September 17, 2023 03:56PM

  Re: I don't drink soda anymore

SeattleRam67September 17, 2023 08:38PM

  I was mostly just referring Pepsi's new logo Attachments

IowaRam82September 18, 2023 02:34PM

  Coke bugs me to Attachments

IowaRam148September 18, 2023 02:56PM

  Never thought about that but you are 100% correct.

Ramgator71September 18, 2023 03:03PM

  Speaking of Pepsi cans Attachments

IowaRam172September 18, 2023 03:16PM