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I was mostly just referring Pepsi's new logo

September 18, 2023 02:34PM
how they've gone back to the old school logo

I should have titled this thread , little things that bug me ................lol

when Pepsi changed their logo in 1991 , has bugged me ever since , so I was happy to see this new logo in 2023

never liked this logo , just one of those little thing that always bugged me...................lol


  Pepsi's new logo

IowaRam56September 17, 2023 08:48AM

  Re: Pepsi's new logo

SeattleRam18September 17, 2023 09:20AM

  Re: Pepsi's new logo

IowaRam18September 17, 2023 09:44AM

  I can't tell the difference ....

JamesJM23September 17, 2023 10:57AM

  I don't drink soda anymore

ferragamo7924September 17, 2023 03:28PM

  Re: I don't drink soda anymore

MamaRAMa25September 17, 2023 03:56PM

  Re: I don't drink soda anymore

SeattleRam21September 17, 2023 08:38PM

  I was mostly just referring Pepsi's new logo Attachments

IowaRam24September 18, 2023 02:34PM

  Coke bugs me to Attachments

IowaRam23September 18, 2023 02:56PM

  Never thought about that but you are 100% correct.

Ramgator16September 18, 2023 03:03PM

  Speaking of Pepsi cans Attachments

IowaRam117September 18, 2023 03:16PM