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15 years?...pay somebody to do it...LOL......

September 17, 2023 04:44AM
Can't really tell you because the material of the grill is dependent on how or if it can be cleaned. Cast iron grill can be cleaned with a wire brush, the inner basin..is it metal alloy, pot metal...etc. The outer surfaces are they porcelain covered or steel....a paint scraper (plastic or metal can make it easier to get off any deposits in/on the basin.

Is it to the point of rust on the surfaces? Overall I'd say use a wire brush and maybe a steel wool scouring pad on the inner areas, but make sure you clean well after to be assured that no metal wire bristles have been left behind...that can be deadly. Soap and water on the outer surfaces and finish with a cleaner described for your actual surface.

  End of summer grill cleaning....

roman18143September 16, 2023 11:12AM

  Yeah, its like that with everything I own..

sstrams83September 16, 2023 11:13AM

  Re: Yeah, its like that with everything I own..

roman1863September 16, 2023 11:51AM

  any tips on grill cleaning

ferragamo7965September 16, 2023 01:54PM

  15 years?...pay somebody to do it...LOL......

roman1867September 17, 2023 04:44AM

  I usually buy those cheap 2-3 burner grills for $95-$100 at Lowes or Walmart.

Ramgator62September 17, 2023 07:42AM

  i still have my Weber box top propane grill from the late 90s

JoeMad61September 21, 2023 08:53AM