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Last stick I owned was long ago....

May 31, 2023 10:55PM
Lemme think... I believe it was a pickup I had in the 70's.

Just a year or so ago my son-in-law bought a stick shift car and when he got home I begged him to let me drive it. Well... that's a lie... I didn't even ask him, I just took it. laughing smiley He was very inexperienced with a stick so it aggravated the hell out of him when I could drive it easily and he was struggling. laughing smiley

Last couple vehicles I got I considered a stick.... when I bought that Jag I tried for a stick but couldn't find one available. But today? I think I've finally grown too old and lazy. Oh I can still drive a stick with the best of them.... but the 'lazy' part has taken over. laughing smiley

  Who here is an HVAC guy? Attachments

sstrams103May 29, 2023 06:02AM

  C'mon ya'll.. the Triumph TR7 board is blowing you guys away..

sstrams52May 29, 2023 06:46AM

  Make sure you check the cross lateral transverse valve.

Ramgator51May 29, 2023 07:12AM

  Well the cross lateral transverse valve.

sstrams45May 29, 2023 10:53AM

  Re: Well the cross lateral transverse valve.

waterfield45May 29, 2023 12:00PM

  I'm not sure where the elevating platform is..

sstrams37May 29, 2023 03:43PM

  "Inverse Phasing" You BETTER know where I got that from! lol nm

Ramgator46May 29, 2023 01:15PM

  Sounds like a Star Trek thing..

sstrams41May 29, 2023 03:44PM

  "Mr Scott......Try...inverse...phasing."

Ramgator42May 30, 2023 02:43AM

  Funny story with this..... About 4 years ago, we had a Crash Truck problem.

Ramgator41May 30, 2023 02:49AM


sstrams42May 30, 2023 03:56AM

  YEARS ago.....Probably around 1997 or so.. I used an Oddball (Kelly's Heroes) line.

Ramgator38May 30, 2023 01:26PM

  My father in law...

sstrams44May 30, 2023 01:39PM

  I'm a weak to average stick driver but.....

Ramgator37May 31, 2023 02:15AM

  I love driving a stick..

sstrams43May 31, 2023 04:26AM

  I USED to giggle at the jokes and slams of people who cannot drive sticks at all.

Ramgator35May 31, 2023 06:23AM

  Well, its kind of surprising to me that..

sstrams37May 31, 2023 06:34AM

  Just saw this thread.... sticks...

JamesJM47May 31, 2023 07:51AM

  My first experience with a stick..

sstrams42May 31, 2023 08:50AM

  Last stick I owned was long ago....

JamesJM51May 31, 2023 10:55PM

  Re: Last stick I owned was long ago....

MamaRAMa42June 01, 2023 03:35AM

  I haven't owned many, either..

sstrams50June 01, 2023 04:51AM

  I'm not there just yet..

sstrams39June 01, 2023 03:36AM

  So, I think I found the freon leak..

sstrams40June 01, 2023 09:10AM