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You can easily maintain that look....

May 23, 2023 07:35AM
as long as you have access to a bowl and a pair of scissors.. What you REALLY need to try is the Flowbee! I'm sure Gator will have a comment or two about the Flowbee...

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  This will be my new look....

JamesJM135May 23, 2023 07:19AM

  You can easily maintain that look....

sstrams82May 23, 2023 07:35AM

  I'm BEYOND Flowbee!!!

Ramgator66May 23, 2023 09:11AM

  Totally understand that..

sstrams59May 23, 2023 09:32AM

  Even my ex OLD SCHOOL Marine Dad asked me why I did not grow out my hair.

Ramgator63May 23, 2023 09:41AM

  I tried to find a photo from around this time 1990...

Ramgator66May 23, 2023 09:37AM

  I may never get to that point in life.....

sstrams43May 23, 2023 09:47AM

  I'm just glad I still have all my hear

IowaRam44May 23, 2023 01:15PM

  I get one cut a year, usually..

sstrams65May 23, 2023 01:22PM

  the Moe flow.........love it

21Dog85May 23, 2023 10:41AM

  Well, so much for that....

JamesJM52May 23, 2023 01:49PM

  'Tis why I don't mess with it..

sstrams44May 23, 2023 03:38PM

  go with a man bun nm

21Dog37May 23, 2023 05:09PM

  Oh gag! nm

sstrams45May 23, 2023 05:14PM