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I don't think its an actual mirror..

March 09, 2023 03:04PM
More like chrome paint, but its so reflective it looks like mirror.. I think the guitar is 7 pounds.. I have one that is 14 pounds, so this one would be light.. I'd never play it onstage, tho.. For one, with 15 pounds of jewelry on that finish would be LONG gone by the 3rd song - I hafta repaint my main stage guitar every two years.. when I'm playing, at least.. Plus I don't care for that body style onstage.. at least not for me.. But man, I would crap my britches to have it at home..

Plus reflecting lasers in people's eyes could be dangerous.. But I'd probably risk it anyways lol

There are tons of them listed for sale.. I'm sure I could find a shop that would trade me.. I'm much rather trade guitars or other musical gear for it than buy it lol

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..

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  I swore no more new guitars... Attachments

sstrams73March 09, 2023 02:38PM

  Yea , that would be cool

IowaRam22March 09, 2023 02:57PM

  I don't think its an actual mirror..

sstrams31March 09, 2023 03:04PM


Aries26March 14, 2023 02:16AM

  Fingerprints and scratches..

sstrams23March 14, 2023 02:40AM

  me....guitar with smoke

ferragamo7918March 14, 2023 02:58PM

  Yeah, I love doing that effect..

sstrams15March 14, 2023 03:07PM

  ..and its ordered... Couldn't resist..

sstrams12March 23, 2023 12:08PM

  Guitar is here.. and it is..

sstrams13March 25, 2023 07:20AM

  This is what the neck position markers will look like.. Attachments

sstrams13March 25, 2023 07:38AM

  so how many you up to ?

IowaRam6March 26, 2023 06:17AM


sstrams7March 26, 2023 06:33AM

  well yea

IowaRam5March 26, 2023 06:52AM