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I swore no more new guitars...

March 09, 2023 02:38PM
..and I already found one I want REALLY bad..

Jackson Soloist, so a recording guitar for me as I only play Randy Rhoads models onstage.. CHROME finish - its like a mirror! Pain in the keyster to keep clean, tho.. Inverted headstock - they usually point down and this one points upward.. But that chrome.. I can just see bouncing lasers off that thing.. i have read you hafta clean it and polish it CONSTANTLY.. You can see the dust on it in the pics.. If they had a chrome Randy Rhoads it'd already be ordered.. I can't stop myself.. I'm sure I'll give in and order it by the end of next week..

I can see getting custom made position markers on the neck.. Definitely go with UFO crop circle position markers and, of course, my shark cross logo etched in the truss rod cover.. What is wrong with me?!?!

You can see the reflection in the body..

Look at that badazz inverted headstock! Plus the body looks half like wood which is just a reflection on the table its on..

Look at that body/neck transition.. No bolt on neck here.. that is just baddazz...

Friendship is like peeing your pants.. Everybody can see it, but only you can feel the warmth..


  I swore no more new guitars... Attachments

sstrams258March 09, 2023 02:38PM

  Yea , that would be cool

IowaRam115March 09, 2023 02:57PM

  I don't think its an actual mirror..

sstrams119March 09, 2023 03:04PM


Aries110March 14, 2023 02:16AM

  Fingerprints and scratches..

sstrams109March 14, 2023 02:40AM

  me....guitar with smoke

ferragamo79125March 14, 2023 02:58PM

  Yeah, I love doing that effect..

sstrams132March 14, 2023 03:07PM

  ..and its ordered... Couldn't resist..

sstrams79March 23, 2023 12:08PM

  Guitar is here.. and it is..

sstrams120March 25, 2023 07:20AM

  This is what the neck position markers will look like.. Attachments

sstrams106March 25, 2023 07:38AM

  so how many you up to ?

IowaRam84March 26, 2023 06:17AM


sstrams80March 26, 2023 06:33AM

  well yea

IowaRam69March 26, 2023 06:52AM

  You are almost there!

Aries79March 29, 2023 03:34AM

  Yup.. its the perfect excuse to get one more..

sstrams65March 29, 2023 04:16AM

  Re: Yup.. its the perfect excuse to get one more..

Aries83March 29, 2023 04:52AM


sstrams71March 29, 2023 06:33AM

  Re: Bahahahahaha...

Aries75March 29, 2023 06:36AM

  Nice, but I think I got that beat..

sstrams73March 29, 2023 07:06AM

  Re: Nice, but I think I got that beat..

Aries50March 29, 2023 10:10AM

  It wasn't too bad..

sstrams55March 29, 2023 10:12AM

  Re: It wasn't too bad..

Aries64March 29, 2023 10:20AM