January 20, 2023 12:50PM
I think you would enjoy a book I just finished by Fredrik Backman "The Winners". It is the final book of a trilogy. (Beartown, Us Against You, The Winners). Backman is an author who lives and writes in Sweden. Its about youngsters and their parents and relationships that take place in a small forest town where the primary form of interests is surrounded by the competitiveness between two small towns and their hockey teams. . While the foundation of all three books is hockey its rely about "questions of friendship, loyalty, loss and identity" between teenagers, their parents, siblings, and teammates. In many ways reading all three has changed my life and my relationship with my son.

"It starts with a storm, a death, and two funerals on the same day. One person's life is being celebrated by all of Beartown. Another person's life is being forgotten." (beginning of the synopsis)

Backman is the author of many books. His first was the now famous "A Man Called Ove". I've read all his books.

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  Every Christmas holiday

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  That’s impressive

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  "Spatial Awareness"

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  My Wife LOVES puzzles! But they give me a headache! LOL It's funny......

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  Do you ever get naughty and paint..

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  Yeah, I get that..

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