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Re: McVay needs to learn to win without Porches on the O....

November 27, 2022 03:56AM
Let's face it a head coach is only as good as his assistant coaches and the coaches he has lost have been obviously been replaced with lesser talent. McVay like so many other head coaches is stubborn to a fault and refuses to change things up when something is not working. He seems to be too focused on the offense, which by the way is horrible, and ignores the defense with its soft arse zone coverage.

I agree the coaches he replaced aren't as good as some of the ones he lost Ramstien and it shows! I can't fault him for that though. It wasn't his choice to have those coaches leave for other teams and it's hard to find good replacements...at least right away.

I also agree with you that McVay (just like many of the greats) is a very stubborn coach but I can't say he "refuses" to change things up. I can say that he is sometimes "slow" to adjust. lol But he has made adjustments to what defenses started doing to slow down his offense and now the D's are adjusting to him again.

I also agree he focuses on the offense more than anything else but that was kind of how he has done it all along and it as worked for the most part.

I still think it was McVay who said something to Morrismello last year when our D was playing the way it was early on. I am not sure why but our D looks even softer this year. Are we playing more of the "Charmin Shell" this year than last or just not mixing it up enough?

I agree with you something needs to change here and it won't unless McVay dictates it. I know he wanted the "Fangio" scheme but I don't remember the "Fangio" scheme ever looking this soft. Is this how McVay really wants his D to play? Is he happy with these 10 yard cushions and lack of adjustments week to week, game to game?


“Well, the color is good, I like the metallic blue,” Youngblood recently said while laughing, via NFL Journal. “The horn is terrible. It looks like a ‘C.’ When I first saw it on the logo I honestly thought it was a Charger logo.

“Now when I see it on the helmet, it just isn’t a ram horn. There is no distinct curl like a mature ram horn. I don’t know how the Rams could get that wrong. That is your symbol and it has been for what? Seventy years or more? Longer than I have been alive? It’s just not us, it’s not the Rams.”---Mr. Ram Jack Youngblood

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  Sean McVay

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  Re: Sean McVay

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  McVay needs to learn to win without Porches on the O....

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  Re: McVay needs to learn to win without Porches on the O....

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  Re: McVay needs to learn to win without Porches on the O....

Ramsdude200November 27, 2022 03:56AM

  What if all he has are Plymouths (nm)

waterfield80November 27, 2022 10:29AM

  Re: Sean McVay

sfbayram144November 27, 2022 07:51AM

  clearly has his issues...but in the spirit of Thanksgiving

Rampage2K-107November 27, 2022 10:03AM