November 14, 2022 04:40PM
It's extremely frustrating we all have seen this for quite some time. Wonder when Tutu will get his chance at Center oh wait, I meant Creed oh darn we didn't Draft him? Wow how did that happen?

Massive whiff an All-Pro C where your probably set for the next decade.

Instead Draft a Gadget player. Funny to say Tutu is the Elephant in the room so to speak and no avoiding that blunder will be felt for a while as Allen is trying the best he can with a troublesome knee and as a C most likely the knee issue won't be going away anytime soon.

  A little Jourdan…

Rams43477November 14, 2022 03:15PM

  Well, after all...

Ramsdude221November 14, 2022 03:21PM

  Allen just isn't that good.

Ridgewood Ram239November 14, 2022 03:51PM

  Re: Allen just isn't that good.

XXXIVwin169November 14, 2022 04:16PM

  Re: Allen just isn't that good.

BerendsenRam151November 14, 2022 04:40PM

  Re: Allen just isn't that good.

Ekern55129November 14, 2022 06:25PM

  Re: Allen just isn't that good.

ramBRO118November 15, 2022 05:55AM