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Re: Question

September 22, 2022 06:22AM
Is DJax on a roster right now? Because if he isn't then vet minimum > 0. He isn't really dead to me because he hurt himself more than he hurt the Rams. He got a ring but missed a chance to play in the Super Bowl because he got impatient. I don't want him on the roster because he is smart, just because he is fast, it is a component we need and don't have on the offense right now. His handful of splash plays last year is a handful more (handful > 0) than I suspect we will get out of Tutu this year so keeping Tutu over DJax is just pennywise and pound foolish. The draft pick was a mistake, move on. My anger at the Tutu draft pick greatly outweighs any anger at DJax because DJax has already been punished for his sins against the Ramily.

We agree that the Atwell pick was a blown opportunity.

But we disagree that DJ would be a wise acquisition. It’s personal with me. He pissed me off and I’m not over it.

  DJax coming back???

Rampage2K-1012September 21, 2022 05:41PM

  Re: DJax coming back???

BumRap305September 21, 2022 05:54PM

  Re: DJax coming back???

Classicalwit321September 21, 2022 05:55PM

  Re: DJax coming back???

SoCalRAMatic245September 21, 2022 07:33PM

  hard pass

21Dog264September 21, 2022 08:11PM

  Surely DJ has burned his bridges here?

Rams43229September 21, 2022 08:40PM

  Re: DJax coming back???

Ramstien262September 22, 2022 04:09AM

  different types of free agents

RamsDynasty248September 22, 2022 05:50AM

  Re: different types of free agents

Rams4390September 22, 2022 06:07AM


RamsDynasty100September 22, 2022 06:19AM

  Re: Question

Rams43222September 22, 2022 06:22AM

  Vet minimum? he owes us for a ring!

Stafford9122September 22, 2022 08:05AM

  We need him

Stafford9133September 22, 2022 06:10AM

  Re: We need him

Rams43136September 22, 2022 06:15AM

  If one were truly spiteful

RamsDynasty115September 22, 2022 06:22AM

  Re: Can't Count on DJax

RamsFanSince6998September 22, 2022 12:28PM

  Guess not! Not seen anything on the web at all

ferragamo7975September 22, 2022 02:24PM

  here is his post

Rampage2K-87September 22, 2022 02:36PM

  Interesting interview with DJ here talks about Rams and what happened

Rampage2K-131September 22, 2022 02:48PM

  Re: Interesting interview with DJ here talks about Rams and what happened

Ridgewood Ram113September 22, 2022 04:09PM

  Re: Interesting interview with DJ here talks about Rams and what happened

Rampage2K-208September 22, 2022 04:24PM

  Re: DJax coming back???

Old Goat200September 22, 2022 04:38PM