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I got your point...

September 14, 2021 01:50PM
even if I did play silly with it. laughing smiley If our WR corp is that deep and our LT position is not.. both critical needs, (next year)... would your solution be worth it, necessary? I would say maybe, as a last resort. There is no avenue I would not explore to address that situation, however before making that move.. and frankly - even if no other remedy were found I still doubt I'd pull that trigger.

  Question for next season

Stafford9258September 14, 2021 01:18PM

  I knew that was coming.

JamesJM99September 14, 2021 01:26PM

  So trade your 2 best receivers?

promomasterj78September 14, 2021 01:32PM

  1 receiver not both

Stafford954September 14, 2021 01:42PM

  I got your point...

JamesJM47September 14, 2021 01:50PM

  They're both gonna be considered bargains by next year

Ram_Ruler51September 14, 2021 01:40PM

  That is what makes them very valuable

Stafford941September 14, 2021 01:51PM

  Re: Question for next season

Killrazor26September 14, 2021 11:38PM