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I knew that was coming.

September 14, 2021 01:26PM
laughing smiley To repeat something I posted a while back.... there is a movie, I forget the title, where the main characters find, acquire, $,2,000,000 in cash. They are celebrating and one of the characters, overjoyed at their luck, says, "Wow, you know how meany lottery tickets this is going to buy". laughing smiley

  Question for next season

Stafford9259September 14, 2021 01:18PM

  I knew that was coming.

JamesJM99September 14, 2021 01:26PM

  So trade your 2 best receivers?

promomasterj78September 14, 2021 01:32PM

  1 receiver not both

Stafford954September 14, 2021 01:42PM

  I got your point...

JamesJM48September 14, 2021 01:50PM

  They're both gonna be considered bargains by next year

Ram_Ruler53September 14, 2021 01:40PM

  That is what makes them very valuable

Stafford941September 14, 2021 01:51PM

  Re: Question for next season

Killrazor26September 14, 2021 11:38PM