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Question for next season

September 14, 2021 01:18PM
Do the Rams trade either Kupp or Woods for a high draft choice or future LT. It feels like we are loaded at WR, and Woods and Kupp have identical contracts. Thoughts?

  Question for next season

Stafford9258September 14, 2021 01:18PM

  I knew that was coming.

JamesJM99September 14, 2021 01:26PM

  So trade your 2 best receivers?

promomasterj78September 14, 2021 01:32PM

  1 receiver not both

Stafford954September 14, 2021 01:42PM

  I got your point...

JamesJM48September 14, 2021 01:50PM

  They're both gonna be considered bargains by next year

Ram_Ruler51September 14, 2021 01:40PM

  That is what makes them very valuable

Stafford941September 14, 2021 01:51PM

  Re: Question for next season

Killrazor26September 14, 2021 11:38PM