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Los Angeles Rams Transcripts - Rams Head Coach Sean McVay - September 13, 2021

September 14, 2021 12:54AM
Los Angeles Rams Transcripts - Rams Head Coach Sean McVay - September 13, 2021
Rams Head Coach Sean McVay
Rams Head Coach Sean McVay
(On injuries and DL Sebastian Joseph-Day)
“The only one – (DL) Sebastian Joseph-Day – banged his knee up a little bit, but I don't expect it to affect his game status. We'll monitor him. We'll see how he checks out. When we come back on Wednesday, he might be a guy that we’ll hold out of practice, but don't expect that to affect his game status for the (Indianapolis) Colts game.”

(On what he saw on film and if he anticipates using RB Sony Michel more)
“I would say, I have confidence in (Rcool smiley Sony (Michel), but the way that (Rcool smiley Darrell (Henderson) was running, kind of the flow of the game like we talked about, Darrell has definitely established himself as our starting back. I thought he did a great job. I thought he got stronger as the game went, but Sony's a guy that's had production in this league. It was just a weird deal the way that the game kind of unfolded. That's why I always say that to you guys and yesterday was reflective of exactly that. We had planned to get Sony in the game a little bit earlier, but just based on the minimal amount of snaps that we had – a lot of it for good reasons because we were scoring quickly – but then we ended up having the three and out at the end of the first half. You'd like to be able to sustain more drives and then maybe you'll see him get some more opportunities. But again, that's always kind of based on how the flow of the game goes. But I thought Darrell did a really good job and I was pleased with the way that he closed it out. And I thought our offensive line really did a nice job of finishing it out – to be able to sustain the drive, have some of the third down conversions that we did was really encouraging – but you can expect to see a little bit more of Sony, but if a game unfolds like that, I think we'd take a similar approach.”

(Breaking down WR Van Jefferson’s touchdown catch and the entire play from both sides of the ball)
“(WR) Van (Jefferson) was basically running kind of a corner post type of route, did a great job. (Bears Ccool smiley Jaylon Johnson is one of the better corners in this league. I thought he played really well as a rookie, and he had (Bears Dcool smiley Eddie Jackson over the top of him in a half field safety contour. He leaned him, was able to break across the leverage. And then we had (WR) Robert Woods on the backside kind of be able to hold the backs. It was a two-safety defense. He kind of occupied (Bears Dcool smiley Tashaun Gipson Sr. on the backside of it. You look at (WR) Cooper Kupp securing the edge with (Bears Lcool smiley Robert Quinn coming off of our left, the defense’s right side. He kind of collapsed that edge and (Qcool smiley Matthew's (Stafford) ability to be able to kind of half roll out of there. And then just we'll be able to flip his hips and get that ball up and down accurately. And then I thought the awareness by Van to be able to get up, finish that play – that's the way you want to start. And to be able to have that on the third play, the drive, that that was what we had hoped for right there. It was definitely a difficult look and our guys made it come to life and I was very pleased with the result of that play for sure.”

(On Cooper Kupp’s touchdown pass and history of that particular play)
“It's one of those deals that these guys did a good job. They were in another split safety contour kind of a quarter-quarter half deal – and Cooper was able to get over the top of the defense, and Matthew did a great job, and I thought our protection was really good in that instance as well.”

(On lessons he learned from his first couple of games as the Rams head coach in 2017)
“Go back to ‘17, we didn't show up and play well, and I didn't do a good enough job for us in the second game after we had a good opener against the Colts. I think it goes back to a lot of the things that you've heard me say. I have total trust in the team, I have trust in the leadership on the team, this coaching staff. And I think we're all self-aware enough to know that you have to produce. You enjoy it, but it's time to move on. And we're at this point, once I really wrap up this press conference with you guys, it is on to the Colts. You have to produce every single week. What you did the previous week has no bearing on what occurs the following week. I think our guys understand the importance of the really good teams. They continue to improve throughout the season. The margin for error is so slim. There are a lot of things that we can correct. There was a lot of good stuff too and I think our guys understand, ‘Hey, let's make sure that we can continually repeat the good stuff. Let's learn from the things that we didn't do as well and let's continue to positively push one another with our preparation on the field, off the field.’ So that leads to another process during the week that leads to a chance of playing as well as you'd like to, as you build from week one to week two. I know that there's a lot of respect for the Colts. They've done a lot of really good things each of the last couple of years, and the last thing I'm worried about is our team having any sort of lull. If anything, I think the urgency has picked up knowing that, ‘Hey guys, we're happy about the win,’ but I don't think that I have to worry about complacency setting in with this group of that leadership that I've kind of continuously mentioned.”

(On what he likes about CB Jalen Ramsey’s role and where he wants to see improvement)
“I loved his energy. I thought he was outstanding. I really think within the first 20 snaps our defense had, in essence, what equates to three turnovers – when you look at the pick by (Ccool smiley David Long (Jr.) off of the tip from (ILcool smiley Kenny (Young), and you look at the fourth down stop by Jalen on (Bears WR Allen) Robinson on the little quick game, and then you look at the force fumble by (Lcool smiley Justin Hollins that was recovered by Kenny Young. So, I thought they did a great job. I thought Jalen’s energy throughout both with his production at the outside corner plan at the star position, he was physical. He was violent. He had great play energy. It was a really good performance to be able to build on. And for our defense to be able to hold up – they had four fourth down stops. They had the one turnover on the third down in the red area. In my mind, in one of those turnovers occurred on fourth downs. So you're looking at the stats, it says two turnovers to none, but really when you add in, you have four total fourth down stops. And then the one red zone turnover, you look at it like they're, in essence, hitting five turnovers. I thought they played really well. I think there are some things that we can do just at the point of attack of finishing guys sooner, but overall to prevent the explosives with the exception of a couple plays. (Bears Rcool smiley Dave Montgomery is a good running back. (I) have a lot of respect for him and what he did. They had some good schemes and we'll be able to tighten that up. But overall, really pleased with the defense. I thought (Defensive Coordinator) Raheem (Morris), the defensive coaches, and our players ultimately did a great job and was happy with that start.”

(On if they showed that there are no specific routes for specific receivers)
“Yes. That was a good, important thing. It starts with being able to give our players the opportunity. That's the one thing that if I'm looking at myself critically, I haven't always done that. (WR) Cooper (Kupp), (WR) Van (Jefferson), (WR) Robert (Woods), these are guys that are not limited. (TE Tyler) Higbee makes a big play down the field yesterday. We all know what (WR) DeSean (Jackson) has done throughout the course of his career. We’ve got a handful of guys that we feel like can activate all parts of the field in the pass game, whether that be creating after the catch on underneath stuff, making plays in the intermediate game and then definitely being able to stretch the top shelf of the coverage. The fact that we can do that with any of our skill players is something that, I think, makes you more difficult to defend. That’s absolutely what I thought was key for us last night and that we need to continue to illustrate as we progress and move forward as the season goes on.”

(On if he’s concerned about the ability to stop the run game)
“No. I think you give credit to the Bears. I thought they did a nice job. They’re a good football team. I thought they had some good plans, but I think we can tighten up the execution. I also think when you look at yourself critically as a coach you say, ‘Okay, balancing.’ Not really getting a chance to have those guys play full tackle football, you can never really simulate that in a practice type of setting. And you say, ‘Arlight, well, have you really put your players in a position to be sharp as they could be in regards to some of those things that they had some success with last night.’ And I think that falls on me. I think we'll see improvement moving on from Week 1 to Week 2, but that's something that we'll definitely have some urgency addressing. But I don't sense that’s anything for us to worry about. It will definitely go addressed and it'll be something that we'll try to be intentional about making sure that it's a point of emphasis for us as we move forward.”

(On if that makes him rethink the way he does preseason and training camp in the future)
“Yeah, let me think about it…Hell no (laughs). I would say this, it's something that you always do balance, all kidding aside. It's so important, in my mind, for us to try to be healthy and ready to go and do everything that we can in that form or fashion. I think what I'd really look into is, are there ways of safely implementing tackling types of teaching progressions or activity that could maybe have you more ready, if you will, to simulate that game-like action? But I don't think that the risk-reward would be worth it. I know that approach isn't for everybody. I think there's a lot of people that would disagree with me on that, but that's what I think is best. And that's what I'll always try to do, is make decisions that are best for our football team. That’s kind of the approach that I think we'll continue to take, but you never know.”

(On what he saw from OL Rob Havenstein yesterday)
“He was awesome. (OL) Rob (Havenstein) is such a steady, consistent player. He's got a great gameday demeanor. He's tough. He does all those little things the right way. I think he's quietly been one of our more productive players since I've been here. He’s somebody that we really lean on. I thought he really competed well, being matched up against (Bears Lcool smiley Khalil Mack the majority of the night, knowing what a premier player he is. You could see he had tremendous respect for Khalil, but he had a plan. He was physical. He did a great job finishing. I thought he was productive in both phases. His athleticism shows up for a big guy. Obviously, once he gets his feet in the ground and can really, he could get great removal, but I thought Havenstein was outstanding. You watch the connection that he and (OL Andrew) Whitworth have. Andrew has really been such a steadying presence, but when Andrew was missing last year, I thought Rob really asserted himself as the leader of that group. Now Andrew is still there as the leader of that group, but Rob has also really continued to just really assert himself. I love Rob Havenstein and he is a tremendously valuable player to us.”

(On what he makes of OL Brian Allen’s start at center)
“I loved it. He's another guy. You talk about great stories that just make you so happy for guys. You look at the way that he has consistently just demonstrated a resilient mindset and mentality as he's recovered from what was a really tough knee injury against Pittsburgh a handful of years ago, or a couple of years ago. He just had belief, he just continued to grind at it. He played really well, we got a game ball. I just think his rapport with (Qcool smiley Matthew (Stafford), his competitiveness, his physicality, and then also, his poised, calm demeanor as he's getting the calls communicated and recognizing a variety of things where we didn't really have an inventory, didn't know what to expect. I thought he was great. He's only going to get better, but he got a game ball for us yesterday. He’s one of those feel-good stories that you love so much about working with people like him. I want to continue to see him do what he's done and build off of that, but really pleased with (OL) Brian (Allen). Really happy for him.”

(On what he thought about Week 1 play, specifically teams in the NFC West)
“You always take the first week with a grain of salt because there's a lot of football left to be played. Probably like we all expected. Those other three teams did a great job. Our division went 4-0. I wouldn't say that you're surprised, but the Week 1 results are always so interesting just when you think you know something, there's always a result that kind of makes you scratch your head and then that team probably will come back and respond the way that you expect them to if it didn't go the right way in Week 1. So, not surprised by the success of San Francisco, Seattle or Arizona just because of the familiarity and the respect that we have for those guys. But I'd be lying if I said I really did a deep dive into their film. I kind of am watching those scores. I had a chance to watch a little bit, but I was more focused on our game and when we were kicking off, I kind of was watching it. You have them on in the background, but you're more like, ‘Golly. Just hurry and just (could not) wait yesterday to get that game rolling.’ It definitely was interesting and feels good just to have football back, especially with fans. That stadium was rocking last night. Wasn't it? I mean, that was fun.”


  Los Angeles Rams Transcripts - Rams Head Coach Sean McVay - September 13, 2021

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