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Unless you have a Superman at RB.....

July 21, 2021 04:10AM
you need a solid, stout O-Line.....If you have several RB's who get 100 yd. games then the thing in common is the O-Line blocking. Not saying Cam and his ability to see the field etc. isn't a major factor, it is, but without the initial hole(s) he's looking to just get past the LOS.

IMO this needs to ignite the line even more so as this camp opens, our new O-Line coach needs to double down on his enthusiasm and skill set, the linemen need to be even more determined. With a solid line you can take an average to so-so RB and give him a decent opportunity to make plays, not game breaker plays, but move the chains.

IMO losing him is more a shock then anything, losing him right before camp is the mind blower.....the anticipation of his play this year was just that, an excitement to see his jump in his 2nd year...IMO once the shock wears off you settle down, look around and start thinking rationally....he will be missed but he was/is not irreplaceable. IMO we go from having a primary 1 back plan with sprinkles of extra stuff added to a rotational deal. IMO they need to get a big back since everyone they have is pretty much the same short, lightweight guy.

No one will matter with a weak line....Those 1-2 yards 3rd downs have always been a problem, it's time they end that issue.

The thing I will miss most was the want to see him throw off the handoff...he was a QB at 1 time....that would have been some sweet stuff to see that is now gone off the books.

  The sky is not falling on the Rams rushing attack just yet

HornsUpRamily!273July 20, 2021 08:38PM

  Re: The sky is not falling on the Rams rushing attack just yet

oldmanram60July 21, 2021 01:47AM

  a couple things on Henderson

LMU9386July 21, 2021 03:53AM

  Re: a couple things on Henderson

zn69July 21, 2021 03:58AM

  Re: a couple things on Henderson

LMU9352July 21, 2021 04:28AM

  Re: a couple things on Henderson

dzrams23July 21, 2021 08:32AM

  Re: a couple things on Henderson

Rams4319July 21, 2021 09:04AM

  Re: a couple things on Henderson

dzrams14July 21, 2021 09:11AM

  not really no

zn24July 21, 2021 12:39PM

  Re: um....yes

dzrams18July 21, 2021 01:17PM

  Re: um....yes

zn18July 22, 2021 12:29AM

  I agree, look for the Rams to pick up a RB - this is a SB window

ferragamo7917July 21, 2021 08:43AM

  agree on Henderson...it's just the injuries issue.

SunTzu_vs_Camus12July 22, 2021 04:12AM

  Unless you have a Superman at RB.....

roman1869July 21, 2021 04:10AM

  agree with that sentiment

LMU9324July 21, 2021 07:11AM

  Re: agree with that sentiment

zn18July 22, 2021 02:11AM

  I have only 2 questions about Hendy, really‚Ķ

Rams4373July 21, 2021 07:03AM

  Re: Totally agree 43....

oldschoolramfan34July 21, 2021 07:35AM