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Re: Bell would be bad....

July 20, 2021 07:10PM
He doesn't show as being a mentor or team 1st type.....IMO age can be low on the list as I think it's just a 1 year need, and at that it would be in a rotational usage. A guy like Peterson will be there all the way up to reg. season startup....he's a pro's pro....he understands his ability and would understand his position. He would double up as a teacher that all the young guys would gain from.

He can get those tough yards, he can pull off some mid yard gains, he knows pass pro, he's played behind Matthew. His big days are past but so is that money that goes with that, but his knowledge is there at a good price.

This team doesn't shoot fast unless it's a big time move, and they have no ammo for that. They can wait all through camp and preseason for that matter. I just don't see Peterson being tapped unless someone else has some RB trouble as we just had during that time frame.
In terms of the Rams, I don't see Peterson as multi-faceted as would be needed. Bell has definitely dropped off but I don't know that it is because of mileage or injury, so maybe playing for McVay in LA as more of a feature back might rekindle his fire? His time in NY had to be humbling and being the main back in the LA offense has to be appealing to some RB wanting to set up a contract.

  Rams won't pursue RB

moklerman203July 20, 2021 12:12PM

  This is a logical 'wait and see' scenario

HornsUpRamily!53July 20, 2021 12:19PM

  Bell hasn't proved it in years. Pass. He seems to be a head case (nm)

RockRam50July 20, 2021 12:20PM

  Bell would be bad....

roman1853July 20, 2021 12:34PM

  Re: Bell would be bad....

moklerman34July 20, 2021 07:10PM