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cautious optimism

July 20, 2021 04:39AM
I understand the perspective. The OL is the straw that stirs the drink. But I do think it's important to remember they return 4 of 5 starters and 3 of 5 in the same positions. Not many teams have better continuity than that. With Whitworth, can he hold up for 17 games? That's the question. They will pace him accordingly all year I'm sure. Ability-wise I think he's still (incredibly) a top 6-7 LT in the league.

I think Havenstein proved 2019 was an anomaly and that overall he's a very solid RT (who will have some issues with elite speed rushers). I think they decided quite a while ago (February) that Corbett was going to be the center and haven't looked back. Having been in the offense for 1.5+ years now he can handle the line calls (a huge aspect of what made Blythe effective) and he's developed into an effective run blocker.

And I also actually like their depth. Noteboom as a backup LT, Anchrum, Brewer on the right side. If Shelton can prove to be a decent backup center that's as much as you can hope for from OL #s 6-9.

  Can't get too excited

RFL355July 19, 2021 10:30AM

  Re: Can't get too excited

zn112July 19, 2021 10:39AM

  Re: Can't get too excited

george_allen44July 19, 2021 04:21PM

  I'm fired up man, there is a lot to get excited about

Rams Junkie94July 19, 2021 12:59PM

  Love this summary. Nice work Junkie! nm.

stlramz25July 19, 2021 01:19PM

  Re: I'm fired up man, there is a lot to get excited about

AlbaNY_Ram40July 19, 2021 03:01PM

  nice effort, Junkie nm

21Dog13July 19, 2021 08:43PM

  Re: Can't get too excited

droopy33July 19, 2021 03:16PM

  Re: Can't get too excited

stlramz36July 19, 2021 03:29PM

  Re: I'd just like to add...

RamsFanSince6933July 19, 2021 04:11PM

  Re: I'd just like to add...

zn29July 19, 2021 08:53PM

  Re: Can't get too excited

canadaram32July 19, 2021 04:54PM

  cautious optimism

LMU9320July 20, 2021 04:39AM

  Injuries concern me the most

BigGame8111July 21, 2021 07:45AM