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agreed....that and CBs

February 23, 2021 08:19AM
and pass rushers.

But OL is soooooo important to get a solid group to work with every year. OL needs time to gel, and so it's very hard to keep continuity without paying lotsa money for the positions. It's clear the Rams want to be good enough and save money on OL and Safety as I think they feel they can get good enough play to not overpay and use money at other positions they feel are harder to get.

So, yeah....1 or 2 OL every year is smart business. imo

"L'audace, l'audace. Toujours l'audace!"

  Should Rams ‘triple-dip’ on OL in NFL draft?

Rams43275February 22, 2021 07:17AM

  Re: Should Rams ‘triple-dip’ on OL in NFL draft?

AlbaNY_Ram72February 22, 2021 09:02AM

  Re: Should Rams ‘triple-dip’ on OL in NFL draft?

zn72February 22, 2021 09:05AM

  Re: Should Rams ‘triple-dip’ on OL in NFL draft?

AlbaNY_Ram52February 22, 2021 09:19AM

  Bad Idea in my opinion

Ram_Ruler72February 22, 2021 09:32AM

  Re: Bad Idea in my opinion

zn70February 22, 2021 09:38AM

  If your solution to an inconsistent line is to add three rookies

Ram_Ruler53February 22, 2021 09:53AM


zn48February 22, 2021 10:29AM

  Well then we aren't far off in our view

Ram_Ruler44February 22, 2021 10:44AM

  I'd draft an OL every year

LMU9339February 23, 2021 02:46AM

  agreed....that and CBs

SunTzu_vs_Camus21February 23, 2021 08:19AM