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Re: I’m just gonna say it...

January 12, 2021 10:00PM
Yep. Like my sons and I have noticed whenever its said our Rams cant do this or cant do that it happens. They are very creative. They have AD and Ramsey in their Primes and dont want to waste it, nor do they want Draft another QB and wait until he develops down the road. Stan didnt build this Stadium and spend Billions at 73 yrs old to not see our Rams get back to a SB soon and Hopefully Win it this time. I remember my youngest son saying at the time we had Jeff Fisher, Dad by the time he fixes the Offense the Defense will start slipping and also start losing FAs. GO RAMS !

  I’m just gonna say it...

Rams43422January 12, 2021 04:43PM

  First off

PHDram134January 12, 2021 04:55PM

  Re: First off

Atlantic Ram89January 12, 2021 06:10PM

  If hes worth a first round pick

PHDram76January 12, 2021 06:19PM

  Re: If hes worth a first round pick

oldschoolramfan27January 13, 2021 08:22AM

  Re: First off

Rams4370January 12, 2021 06:25PM

  Re: First off

PHDram53January 12, 2021 06:39PM

  Re: I’m just gonna say it...

max104January 12, 2021 05:00PM

  Re: I’m just gonna say it...

ramBRO73January 12, 2021 05:50PM

  If you can watch the game again

Speed_Kills74January 12, 2021 05:57PM

  Re: I’m just gonna say it...

BerendsenRam51January 12, 2021 10:00PM