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I will say this...

October 16, 2020 10:55AM
If (or when) O’Connell and/or Staley get hired away as new HC’s, I suspect that McVay will find and hire great replacements.

Two former Coordinators became HC’s and McVay’s only mistake was to not quickly replace someone as OC. The job that both O’Connell and Staley are doing speaks volumes about McVay’s ability to find and then hire outstanding coordinator fits.

From the coordinator candidate pov, who wouldn’t jump at the chance to work for and learn from McVay? McVay is in prime position to hire only the best of the best available. It’s a helluva synergy.

Success keeps on breeding success...

  It would make sense for Falcons, Texans to monitor Rams Coordinators...

Rams43275October 15, 2020 11:00AM

  Re: It would make sense for Falcons, Texans to monitor Rams Coordinators...

Old Goat68October 15, 2020 01:29PM

  Re: Rams Coordinators...

oldschoolramfan57October 16, 2020 08:35AM

  Re: Rams Coordinators...

Ekern5541October 16, 2020 01:10PM

  Re: McVay will do this as along as Rams keep winning.....

oldschoolramfan20October 17, 2020 09:10AM

  I will say this...

Rams4377October 16, 2020 10:55AM

  Eric Bienemy OC KC

Paco7055October 16, 2020 04:59PM

  Re: Eric Bienemy OC KC

73Ram28October 17, 2020 05:21AM

  Gotta be careful. An excellent DC or OC doesn't necessarily = excellent HC

RockRam28October 17, 2020 04:22AM

  Stay Away from Ram Coordinator's Please

den-the-coach45October 17, 2020 05:14AM