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Re: Offseason in review - my take

July 15, 2019 04:30AM

Kinda of meh on Matthews. See him more as a role player than a 3 down LB.

Rapp, Henderson and Gains look like good picks.

I am okay with Matthews because the way this defense is shaping up for 2019, role players like him who can line up at a variety of spots fit it perfectly. They will, or so it appears at this point, play less in the base 3/4 than they have under Wade so far, and are committed to fielding a lot of nickel and dime defenses where disguise is a big part of it. That requires a few players who can line up all over the back 7 and take on a lot of roles. Weddle fits that, Johnson fits that, Rapp fits that, and Matthews fits that too. Plus I like him as a teacher for the young OLBs and for Kiser inside too for that matter.

I like the 2 picks you mention. I like Long too. The 2 OL look developmental but then Kromer has a great record picking then coaching up guys like that.


  Offseason in review - my take

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  Re: Offseason in review - my take

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