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Offseason in review - my take

July 15, 2019 01:46AM

For me this seemed liked the quietest offseason since we hired Fisher. It seemed like every offseason something big happened, from trading up #1 for Goff, to moving back to LA... However, this offseason is slow in comparison. Not that this is a bad thing!

Kind of glad they didn't overpay for Such again. He was mediocre during the regular season, but he did step up in the post season.

Would have preferred resigning Saffold over Fowler. Seem like Oline players age more gracefully than most other positions. Plus, he was top shelf the past couple years since he had surgeries on both shoulders. Think he had a couple good years still left. Having said this, our FO has earned my trust.

Think we overpaid for Fowler, but glad it is a one year rental. Also, it is a big area of need.

I'm fine with letting Joyner walk. Was surprised he did not play well compered to '17.

Love that we got Weddle for a good price, even if just for one year.

Kinda of meh on Matthews. See him more as a role player than a 3 down LB.

Rapp, Henderson and Gains look like good picks.


  Offseason in review - my take

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