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Re: Very Long Blythe article

July 14, 2019 09:52AM
Interesting piece. Maybe that is true that he sort of feasts in weaker DTs. Overall I felt he has been a solid OG but is limited.

I have a hard time seeing one of the rookies beating him out in preseason but it would not be that shocking to see a change later in the year. Sort of like with Johnson over Alexander at safety in 2017. Either way, I do not expect him retained in 2020. But I also just do not see him as a liability. Not in this scheme and not with added experience and strength development. He very well might have games where he is overwhelmed by the upper tier DTs. But we will see.

My theory is, he's less of a liability if Allen comes through. The problem may have been Sullivan AND Blythe. If Allen works out it obviously changes that equation.

I agree with almost everything though. Solid but limited. No rookie starters in week 1. Maybe later on. Probably won't be retained.

In terms of his limitations, I don't see strength development doing that much. IMO there's only so much he can do. I see him as sort of a Case Keenum of guards. A back-up playing well in a good scheme for a great OL coach.



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