November 07, 2016 09:31AM
For those reluctant to start Goff, that is.

Other than the opener, all 5 of the Ram losses were close. I mean, frequently right up to the last play close.


What does this tell us?

I think it says that even with a merely halfway decent QB, two or three of those losses could have been wins.

With a good (no need for great) QB, we could be 6-2 this morning, if not 7-1.

Not saying Goff would have accomplished such results, mind you. Just saying that the difference between Keenum and a decent QB is about 3 games in the win column for the Rams.

And counting...

My point? The sooner they get Goff on the field and learning, the sooner this team can get back to realistically thinking about the playoffs. Maybe even as soon as '17.

  Some food for thought...

Rams43439November 07, 2016 09:31AM

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