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take a QB for value

April 27, 2023 07:53PM
Stafford has maybe 2 good years left. Y9ou have a chance to get a QB that has the traits to b4e a franchgise QB. Yes, he slid out of the first round. 4 time MVP Rodgers fell to the late 20's, Brady was ignored. Personal do get it wrong but some traits you cannot coach. Levis is being dinged for his accuracy as was Josh Allen, what did both have4 in common? Extremely poor players around them that dropped their draft stock. You take the possible franchise QB and if things do not work out, trade him. QB has too much value

  Okay, who?

JimYoungblood53579April 27, 2023 06:46PM

  Honestly I don't know

Ram_Ruler85April 27, 2023 06:48PM

  I think the top few on that list worth taking at 36

JimYoungblood5398April 27, 2023 06:50PM

  Re: I think the top few on that list worth taking at 36

Ram_Ruler102April 27, 2023 06:52PM

  Bold ones I like---some meh, others crossed off, just based on info and belief

JimYoungblood53160April 27, 2023 07:01PM

  These are only ones worth staying at 36, IMO-

JimYoungblood53143April 27, 2023 07:04PM

  Re: Bold ones I like---some meh, others crossed off, just based on info and belief

LMU9374April 27, 2023 07:04PM

  Pit, Hou, AZ or Indy will take Porter, I bet

JimYoungblood5361April 27, 2023 07:07PM

  Re: Porter is ranked high but is dropping ?? nm

Rams_7857April 27, 2023 06:54PM

  Re: CB D Banks, was picked nm

Rams_7856April 27, 2023 06:52PM

  Banks went 24

Rampage2K-63April 27, 2023 06:53PM

  KS edge gone

ferragamo7960April 27, 2023 06:56PM

  I was posting this when that happend, thanks

JimYoungblood5364April 27, 2023 07:01PM

  Re: KC picked Uzomah nm

Rams_78119April 27, 2023 06:57PM


Stafford9122April 27, 2023 07:02PM

  Rams knew this would happen…

Rams43166April 27, 2023 07:16PM

  Re: ok 43......Levis/Hooker at #36..

oldschoolramfan75April 27, 2023 07:20PM

  Re: ok 43......Levis/Hooker at #36..

Rams4365April 27, 2023 07:27PM


Ridgewood Ram98April 27, 2023 07:30PM

  Re: ok 43......Levis/Hooker at #36..

AlbaNY_Ram62April 27, 2023 07:37PM

  Re: ok 43......Levis/Hooker at #36..

Rams4363April 27, 2023 07:44PM

  Re: ok 43......Levis/Hooker at #36..

oldschoolramfan43April 27, 2023 07:49PM

  Re: ok 43......Levis/Hooker at #36..

Rams4339April 27, 2023 07:54PM

  Re: ok 43......Levis/Hooker at #36..

oldschoolramfan42April 27, 2023 07:57PM

  Re: ok 43......Levis/Hooker at #36..

oldschoolramfan47April 27, 2023 07:43PM

  Re: ok 43......Levis/Hooker at #36..

Rams4334April 27, 2023 07:46PM

  Re: ok 43......Levis/Hooker at #36..

oldschoolramfan30April 27, 2023 07:51PM

  Re: ok 43......Levis/Hooker at #36..

Rams4330April 27, 2023 07:57PM

  take a QB for value

socalmab44April 27, 2023 07:53PM

  Re: take a QB for value

Rams4342April 27, 2023 07:59PM

  Re: Okay, who? Still a ways to go but

Rams_7877April 27, 2023 07:21PM

  Re: Okay, who?

montanaram100April 27, 2023 07:23PM

  I would go IOL

Ridgewood Ram43April 27, 2023 07:32PM

  Lots left to like

Deadpool68April 27, 2023 07:50PM

  Re: Lots left to like

oldschoolramfan50April 27, 2023 07:53PM