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Re: Does McVay really develop QBs?

January 27, 2023 05:46AM
I have not seen proof of that.

Jared Goff - was a #1 overall who has gotten better in Detroit

Blake Bortles - well he never got better

Sean Mannion - on a practice squad near someone

Wolford - QB coach?

Perkins - RB?

Baker Mayfield - Yah this guy knows how to play. He simply needs a good system and supporting cast.

There is no proof that McVay develops QBs, rather he develops schemes that should put a particular QB in a position to succeed. i would not credit McVay for Bakers development if we kept Baker but I think they would fit well together and are very compatible.

So you didn't see any improvement from Goff after his rookie season? I don't think he made it to his first Super Bowl all by himself. And sure, he played great this season, but I'm willing to bet he'd tell you he had to make changes in himself to get there. Some seem so willing to lay all the blame for bad Goff at McVay and look past how he did improve during his time here before he collapsed. Playing on a team without a target on its back sure seemed to help, we'll see how he does when the heat gets turned up.

With Wolf and Perkins, it's another mixed bag from my cheap seats. Id like to have seen more development, but at some point, you're only going to go as fast as the car takes you. Wanna go faster? Get a better car. The ceiling is only so high for them. Hopefully, they're both gone and we can judge this later by how well they do elsewhere.

Then there is Baker. I don't know how you attribute the scrubs, fired coaches and secondary players he came on this team with as a "good supporting cast" without mentioning McVay, but I'll let you stand on those words. A lot of the play design sure looked to play to his strengths.

As stated in this thread, Sean has never drafted a QB. Hopefully that changes this year and we can have a real debate once we have real data. I don't think McVay has spent an awful lot of his energy on his back up QB room, but to take that and say he doesn't know how to develop a QB is way off base to me.

  Does McVay really develop QBs?

BumRap295January 26, 2023 04:15PM

  To be continued I guess

Ram_Ruler122January 26, 2023 04:28PM

  He's never drafted a QB

BigGame81131January 26, 2023 04:42PM

  Re: He's never drafted a QB Attachments

MamaRAMa270January 26, 2023 05:50PM

  Re: He's never drafted a QB

dodgerram122January 26, 2023 10:45PM

  K. Cousins credits his development to McVay

stlramz117January 27, 2023 04:08AM

  Re: Does McVay really develop QBs?

farley90January 27, 2023 05:16AM

  Re: Does McVay really develop QBs?

Old Goat109January 27, 2023 05:46AM

  I think not

MamaRAMa111January 27, 2023 06:07AM

  Re: I think not

Old Goat82January 27, 2023 06:29AM

  Re: I think not

Ohiorams123January 27, 2023 06:54AM