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LOL... tv shows...

January 07, 2020 01:28PM
I'm serious here... I think the last TV Show I was addicted to was Cheers. laughing smiley

Yes, I'm out of touch... VERY out of touch, and have no business in these threads... not that that will stop me. laughing smiley

  Future Star Wars films going MCUish

IowaRam61January 07, 2020 11:41AM

  Am I the only one..

sstrams38January 07, 2020 12:29PM

  which is why I'm glad their going away from the Skywalker saga

IowaRam38January 07, 2020 12:42PM

  no, you're not the only one...

JamesJM34January 07, 2020 12:54PM

  Best Show Ever !!!

IowaRam35January 07, 2020 01:13PM

  Episode 8 of The Mandalorian?

sstrams37January 07, 2020 01:19PM

  LOL... tv shows...

JamesJM40January 07, 2020 01:28PM

  Get in line!

Ramgator33January 07, 2020 02:07PM

  Frasier is my all-time favorite sitcom..

sstrams37January 07, 2020 02:22PM

  Never saw a single episode of Frasier...but...

JamesJM40January 07, 2020 03:11PM

  What I LOVE now are.....

Ramgator36January 07, 2020 03:14PM

  I drew the line at The Waltons

21Dog36January 08, 2020 06:14AM

  The Walton's...yet another I never saw....

JamesJM33January 08, 2020 07:30AM

  That does surprise me

IowaRam34January 07, 2020 03:28PM

  Re: That does surprise me

JamesJM36January 08, 2020 06:01AM

  It even dropped Hogan's Heroes to number two on my list

IowaRam35January 07, 2020 01:33PM

  Re not surprising

Speed_Kills36January 07, 2020 04:12PM