January 07, 2020 12:42PM
And why I loved The Mandalorian, imagine an entire tv series where Luke Skywalker and Darth Vaders names were never even mentioned once


  Future Star Wars films going MCUish

IowaRam41January 07, 2020 11:41AM

  Am I the only one..

sstrams21January 07, 2020 12:29PM

  which is why I'm glad their going away from the Skywalker saga

IowaRam19January 07, 2020 12:42PM

  no, you're not the only one...

JamesJM19January 07, 2020 12:54PM

  Best Show Ever !!!

IowaRam19January 07, 2020 01:13PM

  Episode 8 of The Mandalorian?

sstrams21January 07, 2020 01:19PM

  LOL... tv shows...

JamesJM24January 07, 2020 01:28PM

  Get in line!

Ramgator17January 07, 2020 02:07PM

  Frasier is my all-time favorite sitcom..

sstrams21January 07, 2020 02:22PM

  Never saw a single episode of Frasier...but...

JamesJM25January 07, 2020 03:11PM

  What I LOVE now are.....

Ramgator18January 07, 2020 03:14PM

  I drew the line at The Waltons

21Dog19January 08, 2020 06:14AM

  The Walton's...yet another I never saw....

JamesJM18January 08, 2020 07:30AM

  That does surprise me

IowaRam18January 07, 2020 03:28PM

  Re: That does surprise me

JamesJM22January 08, 2020 06:01AM

  It even dropped Hogan's Heroes to number two on my list

IowaRam19January 07, 2020 01:33PM

  Re not surprising

Speed_Kills21January 07, 2020 04:12PM