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I had a little radio I would bring outside

January 07, 2020 07:40AM
and listen to music while I skateboarded around my house or shot baskets

also the noise when you scrolled the dial real fast on FM
and trying to fine tune the dial (and placement) to get the best signal

RIP Bucky - 7/25/1943 - 1/19/2013

  AM Radio Static.........

Arkansas Ram54January 05, 2020 02:22PM

  Those were the days, no?

sstrams12January 05, 2020 03:08PM

  I don't remember what radio station I listened to as a kid Attachments

IowaRam17January 05, 2020 03:54PM

  ah the days of AM.....

JamesJM12January 05, 2020 03:34PM

  KJR AM Ichabod Caine

SeattleRam15January 05, 2020 03:49PM

  I had a little radio I would bring outside

ferragamo7914January 07, 2020 07:40AM

  same MO for me, but.........

21Dog9January 08, 2020 06:12AM

  Still listen to Dodgers on a little radio

waterfield9January 08, 2020 07:15AM

  I used too religiously

ferragamo799January 08, 2020 07:53AM